Privacy Policy


Protecting privacy and maintaining the trust of our customers, students, and their parents has always been a key priority for us. EDCON ensures the appropriate collection, use, sharing, and handling of your personal information.

To review the appropriate privacy notice, please select the type of relationship you have with EDCON.

Potential Customer
End User

In limited circumstances, end users may also be customers of EDCON, and EDCON may market to them as a customer. For example, end users may purchase products or create personal accounts on our website. In these circumstances, they would be treated as a customer. By contrast, the End User Privacy Notice applies to students with respect to the information collected and processed as part of an instructional course within the digital learning solution as determined by their educational institution or employer. Aggregated de-identified end-user PII is leveraged by EDCON to improve existing or develop new educational products and services.

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