The Importance of Writing Proficiency in Education

As educators, we all know the value of a good education. But have you ever stopped to consider the critical role that writing proficiency plays in the success of students and their future endeavors? At EDCON, we believe that writing proficiency is essential for...

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Differentiation Tip for Writing Instruction: Paper

One year while I was teaching 6th grade, a difficult student of mine, named Salvador, sat with his blank piece of paper for almost the entire period.  The next day, as I watched him dreading the small writing task, he again proceeded to stare at the same blank paper. ...

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Achieving Writing Success with EDCON

At EDCON, we're all about building strong bonds between teachers, students, and success.  With our wealth of expertise and innovative technology, we empower educators and learners to achieve writing proficiency, PreK-8th grade.