System Requirements



All You Need is a Browser

EDCON’s solutions are accessed through the Internet via a web browser. Your IT department will not need to implement or maintain the solutions, but may need to disable the firewall for

We support the browsers listed below

For the best experience, we recommend using Chrome or Firefox and having the latest version.


Essential Classroom Equipment

In the classroom setting, students will need headphones/earbuds/AirPods.
Earbuds Wireless PNG High Quality Image

Importance of Word Processing Programs for Students

Although not necessary, for optimal results, it’s ideal that students in grades 2-8 have some kind of word processing program such as the following:
google docs

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Achieving Writing Success with EDCON

At EDCON, we're all about building strong bonds between teachers, students, and success.  With our wealth of expertise and innovative technology, we empower educators and learners to achieve writing proficiency, PreK-8th grade.