Professional Development for Writing Instruction

We provide top-notch professional development for writing instruction that helps educators enhance their skills and knowledge to foster better writing outcomes for their students.

Our programs are tailored to meet your needs and ensure success.


Remote and in-person professional development training can be customized to meet the needs of your teachers and students.

If you don’t have EDCON’s writing program, we can still help.  An expert writing instructor will review your ELA curriculum and develop an excellent training that will give your teachers skills and tools to advance writing proficiency.

In-person trainings can consist of program orientations, demo lessons with/without students, and debriefs with teachers.  Please contact us for pricing if you’re considering an in-person training or need a customized training using your own ELA curriculum. Otherwise, a remote training for EDCON’s writing program is $1,500, which can be 1-2 hours.

  • Higher success rate in school-wide implementation
  • Teachers feel supported as they’re able to address their questions/concerns
  • Administrators get to show their support
  • Deeper understanding of the program
  • Your presenter has classroom experience in PreK-8, Special Education, and General Education


Frequently Asked Questions

Can I purchase multiple PD sessions but schedule them later?

Certainly; scheduling can be done at any time.  Some schools use their funding now and schedule the sessions later when administrators are more aware of classroom needs.  Multiple sessions can be completed throughout the year.  Example: Orientation, Small group trainings, Addressing problems in small group and large group

What are the foundations of EDCON's writing program?

EDCON’s research-based program follows State writing standards (primarily Common Core) , the Six Traits of Writing, the Writing Process (Plan, Research, Outline, Draft, Revise, Edit), and systematic instruction (objective, direct instruction, modeling, practice, partner share, self-assessment with the rubric).

What concepts can be included in Professional Development?

Six Traits of Writing – How to teach them, and how to identify missing traits in essays, and how to keep students accountable to applying them across the genres

How to maximize ELA (English Language Arts) instructional time so that quality writing instruction is not neglected

How to supplement ELA curricula to include quality writing instruction

The writing process – how it differs across the grades and ability levels

How to differentiate writing instruction and assignments

How to use EDCON’s writing and grading program

Problem-solve writing issues

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Achieving Writing Success with EDCON

At EDCON, we're all about building strong bonds between teachers, students, and success.  With our wealth of expertise and innovative technology, we empower educators and learners to achieve writing proficiency, PreK-8th grade.